The Idea 


New “fight-wear” companies are popping up everywhere. However, most of the companies offer nothing new and/or innovative.  Being involved in the martial arts, grappling and MMA community for many years, I was never able to find athletic/supportive underwear that met my needs while training. 


Most guys arrive at the academy/gym, slip out of their work/street clothes and right into their Gi or fight shorts, wearing their "regular underwear" or some sort of compression short/cup/athletic supporter combination.  


I started to wonder, "Why was there not a supportive/athletic underwear product available for the combat athlete/martial artist?" This problem has been solved by UNDER-Gi.


The UNDER-Gi performance/athletic boxer-brief is stylish/fashionable underwear with one major difference.  The UNDER-Gi Brief is designed for performance.  UNDER-Gi performance/athletic briefs are comfortable enough to wear everyday, whether you are working out or not.   No longer do you have to worry about changing into some other combination of supportive undergarments or just training in your regular underwear when you arrive at the academy/gym.  When you wear UNDER-Gi, you are ready 100% of time.  



           Stop fighting in your "tighty whiteys" and get into UNDER-Gi!     




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